Bill's Aviation Room -- A Tribute to Art Scholl

image...loading..8k I was very fortunate early on in my flying career to meet one of the greatest if not arguably the greatest aerobatics pilot of all time. Art Scholl did the most amazing things with an airplane. He made the impossible look so easy. For us aviators who were able to witness his great talents and flying skill we can count ourselves among the fortunate ones. I hereby place the late Art Scholl as the first name on my Aviation Wall of Honor.

It was a sad day for the world when one of the greatest flyers of all time flew his last flight. In an inverted flat spin while filmingimage...loading..11k a sequence in the movie 'Top Gun' Art's last radio transmission was "I've got a problem" spoken at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Then again at an altitude of 1500 feet the radio cracked with "I've really got a problem." Thus ended the career and the life of aerobatics genius Art Scholl. He once took Johnny Carson the famed night time television host flying. Johnny's remark to the world while on his show was "I wanted to throw UP... I just wasn't sure which way up was!" The flying genius of Art Scholl will forever be etched in the minds of all who admired him. So long Art, we miss you!

image...loading..10kThe photo's you see on this page were taken by me at the Southeast Texas Regional Airport located in Southeast Texas (BPT for you aviators) in 1979 or 1980 while Art was preparing to perform his aerobatics show. As usual it was a great performance as all in attendance stood in utter amazement.

These Photo's were taken by me with a Yashica 35mm camera on B&W film and, after scanned, they were edited with JASC Paint Shop Pro™ for publication on this page.


I am currently working on The Aviation Wall of Honor page. If you have a candidate for the Wall of Honor, Pilot or Plane, then please e-mail me at

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