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joe jackson - batting six

Left Field

I have left field pretty well covered with Shoeless Joe.  No doubt one of the all time greats in the game of Baseball.  His numbers speak for themselves. Ty Cobb said that Joe had the most natural swing he had ever seen. Joe said that he was taught how to hit from some confederate soldiers who learned in a union prison camp.

A tragic event in the 1919 World Series keeps this great player out of the Hall of Fame. Commissioner Keneshaw Mountain Landis banned Joe from Major League Baseball for life following the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal in which players admitted, (Joe included) to conspiring with gamblers to throw the series. Despite the tragic events that be-felled one of Baseball's greatest players, I have him playing left field on my dream team.

See Joe's stats here, and you can easily see why I have him playing Left and batting 6th. Let me know who you would have in left.

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