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mickey mantle - batting fifth

Right Field

Despite The Mick's many injuries during his career, I had to find a place in my line up for what is the greatest switch hitter of all time. With Mickey Mantle in right, Willie Mays in center, and Shoeless Joe in left, I have one of the finest if not the finest outfield in all of Baseball.

For those of us who were blessed to see Mickey Mantle play the game, we saw a man with unbelievable natural talent and ability. Mickey's father, Mutt Mantle, believed if you started early enough you could make a switch hitter out of anyone. I guess he was right, if the anyone you are working with is Mickey Mantle. Mutt worked with his son starting him switch hitting when he was just a toddler and continued the practice until he was out of High School.

Coupled with his ability to hit with power from both sides of the plate and his incredible speed, Mickey Mantle is no doubt one of the greatest players to ever play the game. I couldn't field a team without The Mick in the line up!

Take a look at The Mick's stats and see why I have him in right and batting 5th just behind The Babe.

man_stat1.gif (2096 bytes)

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last updated 09/20/02