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babe ruth - clean up

1st Base

Babe RuthI have the greatest of all time playing first even though that was his least known position to play. With a Home Run for every 11.76 at bats, a ratio by far the best in all of Baseball, it should come as no big surprise that I have the Babe batting clean up. 

Thanks to a teacher named Matthias at Saint Mary's Industrial School for Boys, who took a liking to this incorrigible boy named Ruth. Matthias spent hours teaching him the art of fielding, hitting, and pitching, and because of this, the greatest Baseball player of all time was well on his way to fame and fortune.

He started his career as a Pitcher and soon became the best left-handed pitcher in the league. However, it was the insightful idea of outfielder Harry Hooper who somehow convinced Manager Ed Barrow to put Ruth in the Outfield full-time. Putting a bat in Ruth's hands during every game was the greatest move ever by the Red Sox. Barrow came up with a compromise though, not wanting to lose his best left-handed pitcher, Ruth still pitched in 20 games, and played first base in 11 more during the 1918 season.

One of the greatest lore's in all of baseball is Ruth's supposedly called shot in a World Series game against the Cubs. On a 2 - 2 count, down 4 to 3 in the 5th inning, and facing Cubs pitcher Charlie Root, Ruth stepped back and made a gesture to the outfield in which many claim he was calling his shot. Charlie Root disputed this though saying this was not the case. Regardless of whether Ruth called his shot or not he put the next pitch into the center field bleachers. What do I think? Having played this game as a catcher, if anyone would have been so callous as to call a shot, and I knew that is what they were doing. The next sign from me to the pitcher would have been the closed fist, telling the pitcher to stick the next pitch right in the batters ear. Given the competitiveness of the game of Baseball, I am sure that is just what Charlie Root would have done had he any idea Ruth was calling his shot. It will however, remain one of the greatest stories in all of Baseball.

I have Ruth batting clean up, and playing first base, check out his stats and let me know what you think.

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