my thoughts on religion...

"i hate religion...that is why i am a disciple of Jesus!"

  • HE is the coolest person that ever walked the face of this earth. 
  • HE did not come to condemn, so why should we? 
  • HE turned over the tables of the "religious." 
  • HE hung out with sinners. 
  • HE commanded HIS followers to behave as HE did. 
  • HE loved those no one else dare love. 
  • HIS walk on this earth was never confined to a building, and hour, or a set ritual. 
  • HE walked where no man dared walk. 
  • HE stared down satan, death, and hell. And HE won! 
  • HE now represents me and other ransomed ones before the Judgement Bar of God! (djm) 
  • WOW..nuff said. 

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