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The List

daily stuff

*be the best you can be*
*sing in the shower*
*look people in the eye*
*have a firm handshake*
*be the most enthusiastic person you know*
*avoid negative people*
*treat others kindly*
*smile a lot*
*say thank you a lot*
*say please a lot*
*compliment the people you meet*
*floss your teeth*
*tell your spouse that you love them*
*tell your children that you love them*

weekly stuff

*shine your shoes*
*do something with each of your children*
*listen to your favorite music*
*wash your car*
*work out at least three times*
*call your mother*

occasional stuff

*watch a sunrise*
*listen to Handel's ' Messiah'*
*drink champagne for no reason*
*take your family to a baseball game*
*go on a picnic*
*take a vacation away from home*
*visit the zoo*
*take a gourmet cooking class*
*learn to play a musical instrument*
*take your minister and his family out to eat*
*paint a picture*
*go to the library*
*go fishing*
*sing in a choir*

always stuff

*buy whatever kids are selling in their front yards*
*return borrowed cars with the gas tank full*
*be of good cheer*
*never refuse homemade cookies*
*keep your promises*
*be an encouragement to others*
*attend church*
*wave at children on school buses*
*aspire to be the best person you can be*
*strive for constant improvement*
*work hard*
*play hard*
*treat people like you want to be treated*
*set goals for yourself*
*tell clean jokes*
*always accept a helping hand*
*over tip the breakfast waitress*
*open doors for others*
* stay out of debt*
*put your faith in God*

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